“SEPTEMBER” – Written September 2nd

Winter is lurking amongst the trees,
I hear her rustle through the leaves,
as the creepers blush from Summer’s joy,
before letting go and stripping bare,
and rainbows dissolve into grey.
September is upon us.
Rain sweeps by in curtains,
as the days are drawing in.
Set the stage, all change,
get ready!
Winter coat, old friend,
lined with excitement!
The fire’s been lit,
once already,
get it lit,
get it ready,
harvest time,
apple pies,
the prospect of clear blue skies
on Winter days
and Autumn trees to feast the eyes,
crisp leaves dancing,
falling snow,
hold your breath and see it, blow!
Cosy nights in and red wine,
by the fire,
Christmas time!
All a little nearer,
a little closer now.
Then suddenly!
Wrought from my stupor
by the nostalgic sun,
there, centre stage, unveiled,
quenching a forgotten thirst
lost already to the season!
Summer is not over yet!
The creeper’s grip’s still fast,
as the leaves upon the trees,
September and her dance with Winter,
heard and felt upon the breeze.