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“Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste. Look after the natural world, and the animals in it, and the plants in it too. This is their planet as well as ours. Don’t waste them.”

– Sir David Attenborough

The Existence of Nature

This one is easy! It’s all around us in all of its beauty and variety and there is no one better to educate and inspire than the one and only Sir David Attenborough.

The Nature of Existence

This is about how things work, from the big to the small and everything in between. From the theories of gravity and relativity, concepts of space-time and black holes to the philosophically challenging discoveries of Quantum Physics.


Consciousness, Cognition & Mind. What is it? Where is it? Is it fundamental? Does it persist after death?

3 Rings interlinked as one: Thee Absolute

This is my own personal appreciation of reality, existence – a synthesis of the above 3 things.

More on the idea

This page is dedicated to introducing you to various people, groups and organisations in a bid to enlighten you further about my philosophy on these three things, how they unite and how you can experience this unity: Thee Absolute

I make no claim of ownership to any of the content I share here or any of the work done by these people. That is not my aim. I am simply trying to spread what I see as being vitally important knowledge and information by grouping it in one place in the hope that others can share in the insights and enlightenment that I have found and experienced.

Enjoy and good luck.

Peace and love.



1) The Existence of Nature

There are so many ways to engage with this topic. For those amongst us lucky enough to live in or close to nature, it isn’t difficult to appreciate it and surround ourselves in it.

But a significant proportion of the human population is not so fortunate! Worse than that, the true scope, diversity and beauty of nature in it’s entirety is arguably beyond most of us! This is true but for the efforts of a few organisations and fewer individuals! Most notably amongst these would be the BBC Natural History Unit’s “The Natural World” and Sir David Attenborough’s work over the last 6 decades.

Visit BBC’s “Natural World”Visit BBC’s “Natural World”

The Natural World

“Natural World is BBC Studios’ award winning strand of one-off wildlife documentaries. First broadcast in 1983, it’s the longest-running natural history documentary on television, with over 500 films to its name, and multiple prestigious awards.”

Sir David Attenborough

Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.”

A Life On Our Planet

One man has seen more of the natural world than any other.

Visit Sir David’s website here  here  to learn more about the man and what you can do to help save and protect the Natural World.


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2) The Nature of Existence

This means ‘how it works’. How it all works! How Nature works. Rules and laws of physics that govern our very existence from Gravity to Quantum physics in all it’s strange and varying interpretations, and everything in between. Including us.


“A Brief History of Time:“A Brief History of Time:

From the Big Bang to Black Holes”

If you don’t know where to start, start here! This is the popular-science book on  cosmology by English physicistStephen HawkingStephen Hawking. He writes about cosmological phenomena such as the Big Bang and   black holes. He discusses two major theories, general relativity and quantum mechanics, that modern scientists use to describe the Universe. Hawking wrote the book for readers without prior knowledge of physics and people who are just interested in learning something new.

check it out on Wikipediacheck it out on Wikipedia

The Large – Gravity

This is quite a well established and well known field of study and there are many many books and resources to delve into.

It’s also a field where new things are revealing themselves to science all the time in terms of our looking out to space and discovering what’s out there! In that sense, there’s literally a universe of discovery out there and we’ve barely scratched the surface!

From Newton to Einstein and beyond…


Sir Isaac Newton PRS was an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, and author who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution.

Find out moreherehere



Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.

Find out more herehere

The Small – Quantum Physics

This is probably the strangest and most important field of study within physics at the moment with regard to it’s philosophical implications and how it relates to the study of consciousness and the Mind-Body Frontier. 

At the cutting edge of investigating the very fundamental particles that constitute the fabric of reality is CERN.

“What is the nature of our universe?”
“What is it made of?”

Visit CERNVisit CERN

Quantum Evolution

Marrying physics and biology, McFadden theorizes that evolution may not be random but directed, and that quantum mechanics endows living organisms with the ability to initiate specific actions, including new mutations.

Johnjoe McFadden is a Reader in Molecular Microbiology at Surrey University and editor of Britain’s leading text book on Molecular Biology. For over 10 years, Dr McFadden has specialised in examining tuberculosis and meningitis genes. He is the inventor of the first successful test for meningitis (which received worldwide press, radio and TV coverage) and was leader of another team, the first to successfully use artificial life computer programmes to model key transition stages in evolution (also covered by the media). This is his first book for a popular audience.

Johnjoe mc fadden on WikipediaJohnjoe mc fadden on Wikipedia


Albert Einstein:

“If you think you have understood Quantum Physics, you haven’t understood it at all!”



3) Consciousness

Looking for a true, experiential understanding.

This is such a huge and important field of study at the very frontier of science and our very Human development. There is so much to understand and discover and so much pressure in today’s world to come to the widespread insights and knowledge needed in order to transcend who and what we are as a global community and to really fulfil our potential as a species.

This is the current Scientific Frontier

  • Mind-Body Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Cognitive Science
  • Neuroscience
  • Altered States of Consciousness
  • Transcendence
  • Spirituality
  • Identity
  • Sleep Studies


The first person I would like to introduce is:

Dr. Richard Davidson

Founder of both:

The Center For Healthy MindsThe Center For Healthy Minds


Healthy Minds InnovationsHealthy Minds Innovations

Both introduced to you below.

Dr. Davidson is best known for his groundbreaking work studying emotion and the brain. A friend and confidante of the Dalai Lama, he is a highly sought-after expert and speaker, leading conversations on well-being on international stages such as the World Economic Forum, where he serves on the Global Council on Mental Health.

Healthy Minds Innovations

Their tagline is: “Wellbeing, down to a science”

Healthy Minds Innovations believe a healthy mind is the key to achieving well-being in all parts of yourself. They also believe that the more people they can help achieve these holistic levels of well-being, the kinder, wiser, and more compassionate our world will become. So using neuroscientific research as their guide, they design and develop tools that can help people build these skills.














  • The Healthy Minds Program App is your easy-to-use guide to well-being.
  • Your path to wellbeing, powered by Science
  • The Healthy Minds Program App is freely available
  • You won’t find a paywall or a subscription fee

App StoreApp Store | Google PlayGoogle Play




Center For Healthy Minds

They say: “What if the world were a kinder, wiser, more compassionate place?”

Founded by world renowned neuroscientist Dr. Richard J. Davidson, the Center for Healthy Minds envisions a kinder, wiser, more compassionate world.

Their mission is to cultivate well-being and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind.

Their research, rooted in neuroscience, comes down to one basic question: What constitutes a healthy mind?

  1. Their Mission: Cultivate well-being and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind
  2. Their Vision: A kinder, wiser, more compassionate world

visit websitevisit website

Their Core Values

“Conduct our work with rigor”

“Make an impact on the world”

“Cultivate a prosocial workplace”




The Science of Meditation

The Science of Meditation: How to Change Your Brain, Mind and Body. Gripping in its storytelling and based on a lifetime of thought and action, this is one of those rare books that has the power to change us at the deepest level. ‘This is a book that really can change your life


  • Daniel Goleman (Author)
  • Daniel Goleman, PhD, author of five New York Times bestsellers, is best known for his paradigm-shifting book Emotional Intelligence, a global bestseller, and has a long-standing interest in meditation dating back to his two years in India as a graduate student at Harvard. His books have been translated into more than forty languages
  • Richard Davidson (Author)
  • Richard J. Davidson received his PhD from Harvard in psychology, and has been at Wisconsin since 1984, where he directs the Waisman Brain Imaging Lab, the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. He has been chosen as one of Time‘s ‘100 most influential people in the world’.Finally, we’ve reached the end of the list


more on daniel golemanmore on daniel goleman

check it out on google bookscheck it out on google books

The definitive book on the science of meditation. Rigorously researched and deeply illuminating” 
-Daniel Gilbert, author of the New York Times bestseller Stumbling on Happiness



B. Alan Wallace

The principal meaning of “mindfulness” in English stems from the verb “to mind,” as in “bearing in mind” (e.g. “children, mind your manners,” and “mind what I say”). This meaning coincides closely with the traditional meaning of the corresponding terms in Asian contemplative traditions that we translate as “mindfulness.” In this workshop we will explore ways of applying mindfulness to the cultivation of four kinds of intelligence that deeply influence our daily lives:

The first kind of intelligence is conative. It refers to our desires, aspirations, values, and intentions. To a large extent, these aspirations determine the course of our lives. By developing conative intelligence we learn how to make wise decisions that truly benefit ourselves and others.

The second kind of intelligence is attentional. How we direct our attention plays an enormous role in determining our sense of who we are and the world around us. The cultivation of attentional intelligence—the ability to focus our attention with calmness and clarity—leads to optimal performance in everything we do.

The third kind of intelligence is cognitive. This is developed through clear, discerning mindfulness so that we come to see reality as it is, rather than confusing it with our own projections or failing to see things because of our cognitive biases.

The fourth kind of intelligence is emotional, and this is cultivated by developing greater awareness of our emotions and our triggers, and by maintaining an inner calm and open-heartedness through all the vicissitudes of life.

B. Alan Wallace is the founder of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies. Visit them herehere.

watch video herewatch video here



Awakening from the Meaning Crisis

Meaning Making

In this series Vervaeke will give the history of the meaning crisis, how it is affecting society today, and then give an account on how we can address this problem. … Weaving together historical narrative and contemporary science to paint a compelling picture of foundation of the meta-crisis of out times.

  1. Cognitive science, deep history and philosophy at its best. John Vervaeke, PhD is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive science and Buddhist psychology.

  2. Part 1 of John Vervaeke’s lecture series (ten lectures published so far) on how cognitive science, existential philosophy, Buddhism, Hellenistic philosophy and psychedelics can be used to address the meaning crisis. John Vervaeke, PhD is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive science and Buddhist psychology. In this series Vervaeke will give the history of the meaning crisis, how it is affecting society today, and then give an account on how we can address this problem. Very well integrated understanding. Weaving together historical narrative and contemporary science to paint a compelling picture of foundation of the meta-crisis of out times.

John on YouTubeJohn on YouTube


Dr. John Vervaeke

  • John Vervaeke is a lecturer and assistant professor at the University of Toronto
  • Fields of Study: Perception, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
  • John Vervaeke is one of only three lecturers at the University of Toronto considered “life-changing” by students.

John At TorontoJohn At Toronto | John’s CVJohn’s CV




You can read and study the transcripts to John’s Awakening From The Meaning Crisis lecture series herehere


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Who Is Thomas Björkman?

Tomas Björkman is an entrepreneur in financial services, media, property and banking. In 2008, Tomas established the Ekskäret Foundation in Stockholm, which aims to facilitate personal development and social change. Tomas is also the co-founder of the research institute Perspectiva in London and of the co-creation Loft in Berlin. He is the author of three recent books: The Market Myth (2016), Världen vi skapar (2017) and, together with Lene Andersen, The Nordic Secret (2017).Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam eu dignissim tortor, sit amet bibendum lacus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam eu dignissim tortor, sit amet bibendum lacus. He is also one of the three founders of 29K29K

29k29k is a non-profit organisation and community on a mission
to make personal growth available for everyone, for free.

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Thomas Björkman

29K Co-Founder

Erik Fernholm

CEO 29K29K

Niklas Adalberth

Co-Founder 29K



What can you do?

It’s time to start working on your own enlightenment and to help the cause. Time to get involved in the creation of a new and better world. Start learning from and sharing the contents of these pages so that we can start to see a better future.


“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it”

– Albert Einstein