JD McMANUSPoet, Photographer, Philosopher, Artist
Student of Ju-Jitsu. Proponent of Bushido
Co. Antrim. Northern Ireland
Entrepreneur &
Founder of THR33 RINGS LTD.

Buy a gift and help start a revolution of enlightenment and environment with these kitchen wall art ideas and this new brand.
This is where to find poetry, art, philosophy and more to help bring in a more enlightened world.
From the simple, day-to-day things, to the deep meanings behind them.
Images evocatively combined with words, complementing each other in poetic art form.
An overall philosophy for a new, more open, awakening world; a gentle guide to enlightenment.
A brand to act as a beacon.
Words can change the world. Together, enlightened, so can we all. So must we all.



“What is enlightenment?”
“Are you enlightened yet?”
Actual, serious questions!
Through my poetry and photography – expressed beautifully from kitchen wall art and gifts to apparel – I explore themes of Enlightenment and the Thr33 Rings philosophy, combining Nature, Existence and Consciousness.

Don’t panic though!
You’re in! You automatically qualify to find out more!
As a human being, you meet the requirements to find out what it’s all about and actually attain Enlightenment!

CONGRATULATIONS! You might just be at the very beginning, but isn’t that exciting!?
All you need to continue is an open mind…

Have a look and buy a gift for someone and help start a revolution of enlightenment and environment with these kitchen wall art ideas.

What is TH33 RINGS about?

It’s about sharing and educating on themes of enlightenment through poetry, art and science.

If you go deep enough, and I openly invite you to, it’s about Enlightenment itself.

Kitchen Wall Art Spotlight:



Title:"Paths" on matte, museum-quality paper.Sizes:10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 square inches.Price:£10 - £18
"A Love Poem"

“A Love Poem”

Title:"A Love Poem" on canvas.Sizes:12 or 16 square inchesPrice:£30 / £32.50
"Recognize 1"

“Recognize 1”

Title:"Recognise One" on canvas.Sizes:12 or 16 square inches.Price:£30 / £32.50

Gifts Spotlight:



Description:Organic fashion tote bag with “Paths” print.Colours:Two.Price:£17:50 ex VAT.
Double Embroidered 3R Cap

Double Embroidered 3R Cap

Item:The THR33 RINGS "3R" Logo cap.Colours:Grey & RedPrice:£19 ex VAT
Recognise One Crop Hoodie

Recognise One Crop Hoodie

Item:Recognise One Crop HoodieColours:Four.Price:£30 ex VAT