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Written in the Glens

Having returned home after 20+ years away, and just in time to be lucky enough to be isolate here during the pandemic, this book is one of the little projects I worked on during that time!

Broaching themes of enlightenment, it’s the fruits of many years of exploration which I hope may resonate with at least some in the community!

A lot of the pictures were taken in the local area and most of the words were written here too.


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Poetography by JD

Part of the service I’m launching is a combination of bespoke words and bespoke pictures, a theme I’m working with which I’m calling “Poetography”.

Some of my work will be available to buy in various print formats very soon; from simple card, through canvas, to metal. Keep an eye on my store!

If you like my work and would like to talk to me about creating something bespoke for you, just get in touchget in touch