The sea is lying, reflective,

like the tranquility in my mind.

Thoughts and feelings rippling gently,

as those subtle milky motions.

Focus and clarity a comfortable, happy blur away,

between the storms and torrents,

in both time and space,

I lay here late in the evening,

shy of the solstice,

in peaceful detachment,

with depths of wonder in my heart,

as to how things could be this way,

the way they are out there,

across the milky sea…

A world now more distant than I’d ever thought it would be!


But what else can I do,

lying here with summer full all around me,

the boy with his bone vying for my attention,

whilst birds fill the air?

The chirping Swifts, acrobatic,

Swallows slicing past in formation,

Magpies rasping from the hedgerow,

memories fleeting in to join,

of fledgling buzzards on the wing,

high, high up in the sky,

earlier, on this sultry summers day.


A boat passes through the reflection,

like these thoughts through my mind,

piercing, pensive, yet distant,

as the Crows on the wing,

their paths almost colliding with the Swifts,

and just as suddenly they’re gone,

the boat, the birds, the thoughts,

in a summer daze.


What comes next?

What surprises?

Simple joys in their fleeting!

Little things,

little moments,

little worlds of wonder.

Microcosms of existence,

in the now to behold,

till the tranquility transcends

and the reflection is indistinguishable,

one and the same without boundary.


Where before there was the beauty,

of a bird, a boat,

a bright evening and a dog,

now in clarity,

with enlightenment,

I see all these things, these moments,

and all imaginable others,

are in me.

Thee Absolute.

Eternity in an instant.

Everything in a fleeting moment of bliss,

of love,

of meaning,

of reason.

The reason, the drive, the passion for life.

Life itself.

Beating consciousness.

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