“New Life and Death” – Early Spring, 2020

“New Life and Death” – Early Spring, 2020

Home sits below me,

as I look out across the bay,

to distant shores and times long past,

history unfolding in my eye,

and birds still fleet across the blue sky.

The sun is warm, but the air still chilled,

lambs are filling up the field.

The dog, he pants, the buds are primed,

bursting! Full of joy! He’s waiting!

As am I, half empty though,

to see what grows this spring!

Traffic passes and fades away,

as do the hours on this day.

The equinox has come and gone,

as will this juvenile growth.

He’ll sit and rest, one day his last breath,

but one wonders what’s here to stay!

Nine days have now passed, nearly ten,

and to this spot I return again.

Looking out and breathing in,

so much time and so much life,

in a moment to appreciate.

Spring is sweet in the air,

crisp and fresh from the depths of winter.

Colours, vibrant and more to come!

Months of this isolation!

New life all around me,

whilst thousands are dying.

Life and death, leaps and bounds,


The clocks have sprung forward too!

More beauty is cruelty,

the seasons will pass to try our resolve!

Will we change in the ways we must?

Can I? In such easy solitude!?

Just as this fetched stick,

and each returning season,

are each a little different than I remember,

So must I be.

So must we all.


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