“WEIGHT & LIGHT” – April 2020

“WEIGHT & LIGHT” – April 2020

How heavy is time,

What does it weigh?

In it’s eternal abundance,

mere moments can be too great a burden.


In times like these, surely,

these moments stack and accumulate.

Too much to bear!

…but for the escape that can be found within.


Slow or fast, the bud, the bee,

time seems inconsistent!

Yet it’s the web we all can’t escape.

…but for the eternal moment that lies within,

found when we just stop and let go.


And just like that, two weeks have past,

one moment to the next,

the last line to the new,

and for so many now the burden is no more!

The weight of this world left behind,

along with all it’s beauty!


All of it, set free, let go,

from one moment to the next,

for something greater, something whole,

something infinite, beyond time.

Something yours and something mine.

No weight, no burden, it’s light, aptly light!

All light and all love,

there the whole time,

one moment to the next.

Waiting to be found.

Love and beauty with no bounds,

always there, but for our looking.

Ready to welcome us back when we lay our burdens down,

in that last moment before the next.

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