“Normality?” – Caffè Nero in July “Normality?” – Caffè Nero in July

“Normality?” – Caffè Nero in July

Life, creeping back,

to some kind of normal.

it’s nice to see,

nice to feel,

nice to live again!

The coffee is smooth, hot,

as strong as it’s been missed.

New Times, new norms,

old pleasures, simple things!

But for many it’s a challenge,

there’s a pressure.

Like rain on a summers day.

Drizzle, persistent,

making things difficult!

Which way will it go?

Wet or dry?

Leaving July,

it’s been both today!

August? September?

who can say?

It should be easy.

It should be so simple!


But winter will be dark,

It beckons, to be embarked,

beyond this lull of simple pleasures,

of beer gardens and bright evenings,

to the bitter cost,

under the sickly slumber,

of the inevitable deep dark blanket of winter.

How will these people cope,

in the deep and distant solitude,

of the winter that brings the crisp clear understanding,

of the true new norm,

amidst the likelihood of futures yet to come?


Whilst the world is changing,

people stagger,

vision limited,

lives encapsulated,

in two meter bubbles!

Hands sanitized,

consciousness bridled,

oblivious to distant troubles.

Time will tell.

Time will pass.

People will live.

People will die.

One day again too,

silence will fall,

the streets will empty

and the air will be still.

But what will emerge?

What will wake?

What kind of society,

are we destined to make?