Recognize new beginnings! Recognize new beginnings!

There is going to have to come a time when we
recognize ourselves for where we are in our
development as the species and globally rich
culture that we are. As an adolescent might
mature to the errors of their ways and grow up
suddenly, so must we, here, now!

History is watching, from very different futures!
Are we going to look back with regret at what we
did with our youth? Or are we going to look back
with admiration and respect for ourselves for
making well informed decisions in light of the
circumstances? Are we going to do the hard thing
now, for better futures? Or are we going to fail?

At this point it’s as stark and black and white as

We owe it to our futures to wise up and grow up!

I’m reposting this picture because, quite simply, it
is time.

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