Today’s the Day. Written March 1st 2020 Today’s the Day. Written March 1st 2020

Words will flow hence, forthwith,

of thoughts and dreams and hearty pith,

perhaps forlorn and cast adrift,

perhaps found, a treasured gift…

What is known, what is felt,

desires so deep my heart should melt,

true weight too heavy to be heft,

boxed un-opened it’s often left…

The time has come it’s up to me,

to open up and let you see,

possibilities for you and I,

to change the world before we die…

In death may come the answers sought,

or consequences of lives we wrought,

we just don’t know, and either way,

today’s the day, today. TODAY!

Now is the moment, here the place,

a defining time for the human race,

our little existence on planet Earth,

our enlightenment, our true birth.

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