“A Storm Is Brewing” – July 2020 “A Storm Is Brewing” – July 2020

A Storm Is Brewing

It’s late, dark.

Times are changing.

New futures beckon,

that weren’t there before.

The deep crimson of my glass

competing with the view,

A depth of vision through the window.

A window to my soul.

Both deep and lost and wanting.

Outside, the beauty of the rain,

glistening with sound.

Inside, deep and resolute and proud.

Both deep,

both reaching,

both longing,

my spirit adrift in the here and now,

wondering what’s to come,

beyond the rain,

beyond the glass,

through the dark,

when the light comes,

as it will.

As it always does,

at least for a moment!

Then what?

Come what may?

Per chance?

Per choice?

Or a delicate dance of both!

Good times with the bad?

Time and tides will tell.

For now, another glass,

as the storm continues to brew…

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