A year of frustration! A year of frustration!

This poem was written through a still persisting, and I guess long standing, sense of frustration! Primarily motivated by the war in Ukraine, but by extension the lack of action on so many important issues going all the way back to the knowledge of all those football-fields worth of rainforest being destroyed back when I was in primary school!

My publishing this poem (or piece of #Poetography – #IdleTimes) now marks the year, pretty much, since both the start of the war and since I caught Covid! (Interestingly, it was two years to the day yesterday that I got my first jab – don’t get me started on the anti-vaxers and conspiracy theories!) It’s been a year of lingering brain-fog that’s made me feel like I’ve been stripped of my ability to write, just when I was getting going with #THR33RINGS! Supremely frustrating on top of everything else!

We all have our shit to deal with, and I have had mine this last year on top of all of this! But I’m still making a little progress and time is still ticking towards the days beyond current issues and problems! I wrote a poem last-night which I’m really, really happy with which showed me I can still do it – I can still get in the zone where my creativity can still flow, just like before! A recovery, of sorts!

Time passes, and time is, indeed, a healer!

I hope you enjoy this poem and the rest that are to follow.

I hope your frustrations, the little personal ones that matter to you, are easing with time as we all contend with the ginormous ones that we seemingly can’t do anything about!

Peace and Love

“Idle Times” – 20/08/22

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